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With that possibility eliminated, I re-bedded the original barrel so it was supported all the way to the end of the stock. The barrel was rusty; the walnut stock was dinged and scarred.Not surprisingly, I secured it for a bargain price.I'm not familiar enough with them to give you an exact price though. I bought the first one, a Sporter model with walnut stock and an 18” blued barrel, from Clark Custom Guns in the early 90’s for squirrel hunting.As a result, its semi-auto capability made no difference.It sat in the safe unused until I sold it to a friend and put the proceeds towards another passed, and I discovered that I enjoyed working on rifles. My second was a stock that looked like a rifle stock, not some version of a military-styled carbine.

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Ultimately, the walnut Sporter stock would cost very little.

So I duly bedded the 22” barrel and receiver in the Sporter stock and then reworked the stock.