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16-Nov-2019 22:39

For all intents and purposes, this manuscript - while valuable - only exists in the tribal folklore of the research community.

But it's still cited and most active people in the field probably have a personal copy of it on their hard drive. ----------In short: people give credit to blackboard scribbles and napkin proofs that came out of discussions at conferences, but you won't see "4th beer coaster, such-and-such conference banquet, 2018" as something that people cite.

People don't even cite Google Books Ngrams and that's got a real paper [1].[1] Lin, Y., Michel, J.-B., Aiden, E. Proceedings of the ACL 2012 system demonstrations, 169-174.

To give you a counterpoint, I've read plenty of computer science and mathematics papers where someone cited an ar Xiv paper by an obscure or unknown researcher.

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Reviewers don't take anyone to task for it, because they do that too.

For a while, there was a collection of multilingual word counts over Open Subtitles that everyone was using, and you would acquire it from the One Drive of the pseudonymous blogger "Hermit Dave".

I've come across some really interesting ones who can actually have a conversation and keep you engaged.… continue reading »

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