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25-Nov-2020 18:42

Or, unless you have some particular attachment to Windows (like, say, you always need the latest Direct X and games) then you would do well to install a linux. All are actively supported (by many, many more dedicated and qualified nerds than profit-driven Microsoft could ever afford to hire).The infamous days of user-hostile linux cryptic command lines and such are long, long gone - most of the distros are user-friendly GUI-driven smart, automated, slick, and elegant. It's as easy to learn a linux GUI as it is to learn a Windows GUI or a (linux-based) Mac GUI or a (linux-based) Android GUI or a (linux-based) i Thing GUI. You can install the Windows 10 beta (aka "Technical Preview") for free and run it for a while, until some time in Q3/2015 I think.

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Since PHP (currently) allows you to break a reference by wrapping a variable in parentheses, you can currently use:echo array_shift( ( array_keys( array('a' = It is worth noting that array_keys does not maintain the data-type of the keys when mapping them to a new array.

Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with this myself, but if you haven't tried searching the forums, there's some posts by other members about clean installs.