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On nearly half of those dates, Greenleaf used his computer at the Robert C.

Murphy Courts of Appeal Building to communicate with “Beth.”Greenleaf's and “Beth's” conversations were “consistently sexually explicit.” For example, Greenleaf asked “Beth” to describe her pubic hair, sexual history, bra size, and whether she was taking birth control.

Murphy Courts of Appeal Building to communicate with “Beth.”Greenleaf believed that “Beth” was a fourteen-year-old or a fifteen-year-old girl.

“Beth” repeatedly referred to her age and stated that she was a high school student.

DS Yamin learned that Greenleaf was using the IP address from which “delmarvan19901” had sent the reply e-mail. DS Yamin matched the photograph that “delmarvan 19901” had sent with a photograph of Greenleaf from the Motor Vehicle Administration's database.

Thus, it was established that while the Chief Deputy Clerk of the Court of Special Appeals, Greenleaf used a State-owned computer in the Robert C.

In December 2010, on four separate occasions, Greenleaf sent “Beth” links to pornographic videos.

In addition to excepting to certain findings of fact, in an apparent attempt to establish mitigating circumstances, Greenleaf alleges additional facts: (1) he performed well as the Chief Deputy Clerk of the Court of Special Appeals; (2) at the time of his misconduct, he had just returned from sick leave, and was “trouble[ed]” at work because he had been transferred to a secluded office that was away from other employees; (3) he completed “mental health counseling” as a condition of probation; (4) he “suffered ignominy” because of his misconduct; and (5) he “has shown remorse” for his misconduct.

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