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I remember having a Ric Flair figure na nakaka-headlock. Ang pinaka-favorite kong wrestler nun was Shawn Michaels, especially during the "childhood dream" era.

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While watching it, I can’t help myself but to think, “How is it like to be a Prince” I could be given a chance to become rich but never be as a prince, “How is it like to be loved by your fellow countryman” all his life, Prince William lived in the shadow of media, everything he does is almost recorded, 24/7 the reporters follow him, wow, it must be difficult to be him and at the same time amazing.

By the way, nung February 26, 2006, hindi ko pinalampas ang pagpunta ng WWE dito sa 'Pinas. Otherwise I'd get myself a ticket, and fly to watch a live event. At present, WWE exhudes talent with every superstar they have, and I think continues to push the envelope with new storylines and developing new talents. You could only imagine how excited I was to go home para makapanood. The two heel pussies abandoned Umaga, Evolution beats the crap out of Ekmo. When she was screeching a preview of her new album, I heard a familiar entrance song.

Kahit na librang general admission tickets lang ang nakuha ko, kuntento na ako. Buti na lang at nalaman ko in advance na may 3-hour special ang Raw kasi 15th year anniversary na pala nila. Buti na lang at 7pm ang pasok ni Rikki-chan at umuwi na ang kasambahay namin para mag-alaga kay Sean so bumulusok ako pauwi. My eyes widened, my heart raced, and tears started to well up. I was thankful no one was around to hear me shouting so loud as I threw stuff around the room out of excitement.

I had my first taste of diva fanboyism when Sunny started appearing as a manager for a tag team I forgot the name of *wait, Wikipedia wisdom incoming* ... That's when I realized that there was another use for "the captain".

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XD My delusions that wrestling was real shattered when I stumbled upon this TV program that exposed the whole thing.

I could go on all day pero syempre dun lang muna tayo sa mga naaalala ko talaga. Minsan sa mga larong namin dati someone would impersonate Ultimate Warrior then I'll do an Undertaker impression then we duke it out to see who's the real invincible guy.