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The film is talking about how far someone would go in fighting for a cause. It’s always more interesting when the film makes you think and question things. If you can save 10,000 people is it OK to kill someone? Some people might compare your character to the cult leader John Hawkes plays in “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” but I though his character ruled the roost through fear. I know the real price of that gasoline isn’t the price I pay at the pump. There are a lot of those thinly disguised things going on that we choose not to look at in order to live our lives in the way we do.I think a lot of people are wrestling with the question of what the end game of that will look like.Brit, tell us about the adventure you and director Zal Batmanglij had living out a vagabond lifestyle. Zal and I were looking for adventure and trying to figure out how we wanted to live our lives.We were very interested in the freegan movement and what would later be known as Occupy Wall Street. We spent some time traveling and met a lot of really cool people and were really moved by them and what they were doing.Actor Alexander Skarsgård (“What Maisie Knew”) plays Benji, the group’s charming leader who allows Sarah to join the collective and help them carry out their eye-for-an-eye tactics.During interviews with me at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March, Marling and Skarsgård discussed why a film like “The East” will resonate with today’s audience and whether doing something illegal for the greater good is a justifiable act.She worked on two movies, simultaneously - one in the mornings, one in the afternoons - and eventually both Another Earth (2011) and Sound of My Voice (2011) premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.Brit Marling is a member of Actress At Georgetown, Marling met her long-time collaborators, Future Directors Mike Cahill and Zal Batmanglij.

A couple years later, we really couldn’t shake that experience, so we wrote [“The East”] and got to make a movie out of it. We’re going to hold people accountable.” I think it’s very pressing. I mean, Occupy movements happen and people talk and educate one another, but we go back to doing the same things after everything is said and done. Alexander Skarsgard: Well, what makes Benji, my character, upset are that these big corporations have so much money and so much power and all these lobbyists. What I found so intriguing about this script was that it’s such a complicated question. I think they are incredibly brave groups of people.

The documentary gained Marling recognition in 2004, having co-written the film with Mike Cahill and Nicholas Shumaker and co-directed with Cahill.

In 2005 Marling moved with Cahill and Batmanglij to Los Angeles.

Brit Marling was bornon August 07, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, United States, is Actress, Writer, Producer.

Brit Heyworth Marling was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Heidi (Johnson) and John Marling, both of whom work in real estate.After spending time with the East, Marling’s character begins to reconsider her principles and motivations as the stakes heighten.