Are lana del rey and axl rose dating

06-Sep-2020 11:36

The rest Axl Rose, Andrei Gillot, Shannon Leto, Jared Leto, ASAP Rocky, James Franco were just speculation.American singer-songwriter, Lana Del Rey is known for singing about her lustful summers and all the emotions she experiences with the seasons.

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The band has sold over a hundred million copies of their albums all over the world and that has made them one of the world’s highest-selling bands of all time; all thanks to their relentless effort and determination.

Especially considering her sixth studio album is planned to be released “at the top of 2019”. Lana Del Rey’s dating history follows the theme of dating musicians.

Let’s take a look at Del Rey’s artistic dating history. Her next relationship was with a former member of the Scottish band Kassidy.

The rock band star Axl has been a constant figure in the band group Guns N’ Roses since their inception to date.

Aside from being the lead singer of the band, Rose is also a prominent record producer, songwriter, and musician, well known in the United States.

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