Are nat and rosalina actually dating

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" As head writer (another task of the executive producer), Draper led the writer's room, edited scripts, and conveyed storyline ideas for each episode.While the first season was predominately written by Draper, the other writers were Magda Liolis, Michael Rubiner and Bob Mittenthal, and Will Mc Robb and Chris Viscardi.He then confesses to his mother that he was puzzled as to what the instructions were."We all joke about it. ' I say, 'It's the same as in real life.' They don't listen to me as a mother. So I just feel right at home." Polly Draper is showrunner—the executive producer and production leader—which means her presence is evident.

She also acknowledges how the show is more "like an adult comedy [than]...a typical kids show" in terms of not using a laugh track.The show first aired in the United States on the network on February 3, 2007 to an audience of exactly 4.7 million viewers.Viacom announced, it "delivered Nickelodeon's highest-rated premiere in seven years" and instantly became one of the most favorable for children aged 6–11.Nickelodeon is incredibly excited to be working with Polly and her family on this uniquely different comedy series and are very proud to be able to showcase the talents and original music of the Wolff brothers.

The Naked Brothers Band series..intimate and genuine in its approach to dealing with everyday kid issues through the larger-than-life story of kid rock stardom. For example, the cast was filming an episode that featured the band recording a video; Nat, who did not want to make out in the scene due to his crush Rosalina watching, mistakenly smooches her.

The Naked Brothers Band is an American musical comedy series created by Polly Draper.