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01-Aug-2020 12:33

when he talks to me, he stares straight into my eyes and smiles shyly.

but like i'm not sure if he likes me as more than a friend, because we've just known each other so long so it's so hard to tell. :c Meep- have one of your friends that you trust to ask your crush if they like you and see what happens next.

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We were hungover dozing on his sofa (I was crashing on his sofa anyway) and it just seemed very we're both in middle school, both in a few classes together, and all summer before this year of school we've texted and stuff.but now that school's started, we talk ALL THE TIME and i actually think the teachers are getting pissed.A friend I had been casually booking up with off and on bought me a lap dance for my birthday.

The dancer asked us how long we’d been dating, and I said we weren’t, and he paused and said “well, I mean, we’re kind of dating”.Something else happened with this boy I like, I told my friend how much I like talking to him and how we both like talking to eachother I told her not to tell anyone but she told people and I told him about it, he said it was fine and he could defend himself, and he couldnt defend me if any roumers spread.