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Aboriginal rock art in fact uses primarily ochre, an inorganic mineral pigment and no carbon-based pigments.

This technique focuses on a superficial layer of calcium oxalate present on the surface of the paintings.

CANBERRA - A team of researchers from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the Australian National University (ANU) have developed a new technique that will, for the first time, allow a more precise dating of Australian Aboriginal rock art.

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The initial findings were of ochres used to paint on rock, bark, ceremonial articles, dirt, sand, and even their bodies.

Through the use of symbols and icons, artists have told stories with a variety of media including painting, weaving, engraving, and more, and their canvases have included everything from tableware and weaponry to boomerangs.

Rock art is the oldest form of indigenous art and comes in the form of painting, engraving, carving, and stenciling.

By the 1980s, as more Aboriginal artists came onto the scene, an array of colors began to surface in works.

Certain artists relied heavily on specific colors, and often those palettes helped place them within a specific community.

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