Bill murray dating 2016

05-Jan-2020 16:33

A few months later she was even going through some mental health treatment after her breakup with Justin Bieber.It seems like Selena is all ready to move on from the past and do a fresh start. Here’s the list whom Selena dated so far : Her first relationship was with Justin Bieber.He tried his best but he wasn’t the only person on her mind. Even their fans noticed that Charlie had unfollowed Gomez on Instagram.As per sources, Selena Gomez and Samuel Krost were rumored to date in 2016 for a few months.However, the pressure of the media became too much for them, causing them to split up.Selena Gomez is focused on her career these days She’s been throwing birthday parties, releasing a whole fashion collection, oh and working on new music.

Then they were seen together again in Los Angels and eventually traveled to Italy together. However, the duo hasn’t revealed anything relating to their separation.

Together they recorded their hit duet, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Though they never admitted it at the time, Charlie sort of confirmed the fling in an interview.