Black and white dating in seattle

18-May-2020 07:28

Whites still accounted for 93% of county residents joined by 40,597 African Americans, 29,141 Asian Americans, 7,391 Native Americans.

The Census Bureau now tried to systematically count people of Hispanic heritage, identifying 3,283.

Whites accounted for 94% of county residents joined by 27,805 African Americans, 10,789 Japanese Americans, 4,434 Filipinos, 4,321 Chinese Americans, and several hundred other Asian Americans.

The population of Native Americans was also growing, reaching 2,929 and there was a small but uncounted number of Latinos. Discrimination on the basis of race remained fully legal and widely practiced by real estate agents, landlords, white property owners, and neighborhood associations.

But North Seattle and the rest of King County remained as racially restricted as ever. King County population totalled 1,266,241 by 1980, a mere 7% increase during the Boeing Bust decade. African Americans now numbered 55,950 and had recently been surpassed by the combined number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at 58,712.

There was new diversity in that population as immigrants from Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian nations joined the older populations of Japanese, Chinese, and Filipinos.

African Americans filtered slowly into the area and initially residential restrictions were loose and informal.For most of its history, Seattle was a tightly segregated city, fully committed to white supremacy and the separation or exclusion of those considered not white.Here we map the neighborhood-by-neighborhood distributions of African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and Whites across nine decades.Scroll down to view maps with short summaries of decade- by-decade changes.

We also provide interactive maps and data that allow you to see the population mix of each neighborhood and filter for particular populations. The map-essay below starts with decade-by-decade displays of the residential patterns of African Americans and Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders.

Unfortunately, the tract reports designated only three population categories: White, Nonwhite, and foreign-born White.

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