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06-Mar-2020 13:01

Yet another L for the sisterhood of Blackistan and those that support them.

Brothers, go where you will be welcomed, loved and appreciated and don’t believe for a second that you are somehow obligated to tolerate and accept reprobate, degenerate and demeaning behaviour from black females or any other women for that matter.

Some fool actually went there and knocked that woman up, smh.

I’m glad this brother exposed this witch for who she truly is, in 2018 she represents the majority of black women in a nutshell, they hate to see black men happy elsewhere, free and outside of their jurisdiction.

Evidence: I already told you NOT to believe these black women whenever they claim not to care about black men’s dating and marriage preferences, didn’t I also state that it was important to judge these black females based upon their actions and not their words?

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This is the nasty and spiteful nature of the modern day black female, her devil spawn seedlings and additionally her dumb as a box of rocks pro black bootlickers who are only too happy to render brown nosing services in exchange for nought.

Just listening to this man I could hear the unfiltered disdain he has in his heart for the black witch and there is no doubt in my mind that this hatred has built up over a long period of time due to black women doing what they typically do to decent men ie shaft them and treat them like garbage.