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12-Oct-2020 04:36

On December 2nd, U-Kwon left a post for BBCs on the group’s official fan cafe, disclosing his relationship with the model. Whenever I was going through a hard time or about to fall, she was always by my side and supported me to stand back up again.We’re a source of strength for each other and are meeting with good intentions. I’m sorry to all of the fans that I’m surprising with this sudden piece of information.The couple managed to hide their relationship for nearly half a year since they reportedly always wore masks and caps to conceal their identities and avoided going on dates in public places.

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Now, FNC Entertainment, Seolhyun and her group's agency, has released a statement confirming the rumors to be true, Soompi reported.“Relying on each other in difficult times, the two fostered interest in one another.

The Korean media outlet, famed for lifting the veil off South Korean celebrities’ secret relationships and scandals, just released their latest celebrity photo set featuring none other than Block B’s rapper Zico (지코) and K-Pop idol girl group AOA’s Seolhyun (김설현).

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