Blue moon dating agency

15-Nov-2019 17:21

David and Maddie are hired by a woman in a veil to track down an ex-boyfriend who threw acid on her face in a fit of anger.She claims she wants to give him another chance, but shortly after they find him, he is killed.David and Maddie do some moonlighting of their own for a debt collection agency when Blue Moon is short of money.They discover that one of the debtors has been killed, but when they return with the police, the body has disappeared and a completely different man is at the scene claiming to be the client.

David's brother Richie (Charles Rocket) arrives in town, spending money extravagantly and flirting with Maddie, which makes David jealous.

This episode is a tribute to 1940s film noir, shot mostly in black and white on location at the Aquarius Theater.