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So we got married in the Campidoglio, the city hall in Rome, and it was a very elegant wedding. After the wedding Shaw gave us a party at the Excelsior, where he was staying.Since they were making then, the Excelsior was filled with actors. NT: I mean, I had a job and I did it well, I’ll admit to that.NT: Before people recognized Ian Mc Ewan, I had published seven of his books. NT: A friend of ours said, When you talk about your books you sound so excited by them that you immediately want to read them. Daddy was a great fan of Philip Roth but he’d say, Why does he have to use that language? When we were young, our movie house in Rye was only open on Fridays and Saturdays so we’d go to the movies in Stamford sometimes.Before Atwood really was successful she had published 14 books in this country. When I was reading Tolkien’s I was called to dinner and I was right at the beginning of the battle of the Somme so I wouldn’t come to dinner! NT: Yes, but the way they met was when Daddy was in Houston with Jesse Holman Jones, the politician—this was during the FDR administration—and he was at a party at the home of Dassie Boone. Mummy was doing something that night with Bonnie Boone, a cousin, and they had returned to Bonnie’s house to change clothes, as they were going off to another party. I remember at one point my father became quite alcoholic and Mummy would simply say to me, When your date comes to pick you up at night, make sure you’re ready, which was a signal that Daddy had had too many martinis. On the way, we’d drive over this road and someone in the car would always say, That’s where Henry Fonda’s wife committed suicide. He’s probably, from my early years, one of my favorites. So that’s why when asked if it was okay to publish the fact that Hemingway committed suicide, I had no problem with it.Her sweet but persistent approach to almost everything is rooted in her Texan heritage and her New York upbringing, a fierce combination that grants her an uncompromising approach to the written word. We talk for three hours under the shade of old trees at her simple, rural Connecticut home, a place she prefers to be much of the time, a place she bought without telling her husband, the writer Gay Talese. ” she asks, pointing to her pool while her dogs bark at the tractor grading the driveway of the Episcopal Church next door.After my interview, I leave with an armful of books she insists I read and plans to get together again, as we are neighbors in this close-knit town. Nan Talese: I was working at and Gay and I were dating.I remember writing in the margin of that manuscript, “this should be 485 pages earlier.” Finally, I made a six-page graph. With someone like Pat Conroy I did a lot of cutting, whereas Thomas Cahill, he knows so much and wears his knowledge so lightly that I end up saying, please say more about this or this. KA: Do you use the same criteria for fiction and nonfiction? With nonfiction I may get a proposal and a partial, unless it’s a first-time writer and then you want the whole manuscript not just a partial.[she draws with her finger] I wrote here is the timeline, and the present time was across, and the arrow going backward was a flashback, and a double arrow going backward was a double flashback. When Pat came in to meet me he was very nervous as was I, but he said, nobody’s ever read my work so carefully! It’s very personal and also I do think I have a responsibility to the company. But really, there are three things for me: one is that the author is a storyteller; two that she or he uses the language very well and three, that she or he is passionate about the subject; that transfers to the reader. KA: How have you seen the role of an editor change since 1966 when you edited ?

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And when she’s enthusiastic about one, she will publish it, despite an almost unfavorable profit and loss analysis.Mummy left her beaus in Chicago, where she had been studying with this very famous voice teacher, and Daddy took a train down to Texas and that’s when he met the whole family. NT: Yes, he brought Mummy to New York and they lived on East 57 Street. When many firms did not survive the War, Daddy would go into these companies that had bellied up and help them get back on their feet. He graduated from Columbia and then Columbia law school. I mean my interest in such books as has a lot to do with the fact that my parents were incredibly ethical. Mummy always had two books she was reading and as children, we were sent down to the village to the lending library to get the newest one that had been published. NT: I went to the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich where I studied philosophy. Gay and I were married in 1959 in Rome outside the church, however.

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