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30-Aug-2020 21:53

Figure it out before the season starts so things stay as un-stressful as possible. Even after they leave his team and head off to college, or start coaching a team of their own, or get married and start a family of their own.

The coaches are like his brothers (and one actually his brother). You need to be supportive of the endeavor, the heart that goes into it all.

She told Brown said she instituted the rule after an assistant coach was fired for having an inappropriate relationship with a player.

Brown said she “collaborated with my Title IX office in drafting” the rule.

The idea that it’s a distraction when players are involved in interpersonal relationships with people connected with the program isn’t an uncommon theory—but at the same time, female basketball players who are gay have reason to be suspicious of policies that seem to target them.

But in practical terms, that’s who the rule effects, and in a time when Title IX is being more aggressively enforced, that’s something that Prairie View A&M shouldn’t be involved in.If they don’t play sports, or if your spouse isn’t their coach, that’s fine, too. You don’t know all the gritty details of what’s going on with the team dynamics, the strategy, the parents, the kids. The benefit of not being too close to the team itself is that you see things differently. It’s extra important during the season to find pockets of time to do family things together, and those things are likely NOT going to just happen. If you don’t have family nearby, what does that look like? The players (and coaches) become an extended family.

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Maybe other coaches’ spouses can watch the kids (see #4 below), or maybe you have good friends who would be happy to assist in a pinch. You need to understand this is what it takes for a coach to be great, beyond knowledge of the sport and having talented players. The players are my husband’s kids, plain and simple. His attachment to them has never ended when they step off the field; he’s always thinking about them.I’ve been sitting on the figurative sidelines for over 15 years (lacrosse was a part of his life before we got married, too), with support and encouragement. PRO TIP: If your spouse coaches at the high school level or younger, he or she should really have a “team parent” who’s super organized, and who’s well respected among the coaches, players, and other parents. Most coaches have full-time jobs (see #1 above), so practice has to happen later in the day.