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20-Oct-2019 14:00

As well as helping to transform Samudera Indonesia into a modern workplace, G Suite has enabled the business to adopt a more unified environment for collaboration.This has helped minimize confusion for companies wanting to do business with Samudera Indonesia, helped optimize search engine performance, and reduced the time and resources the business dedicated to managing multiple domains.This could delay responses to important queries and impeded Samudera Indonesia’s adoption of modern, flexible working practices.Last year the acquisition of another company was the catalyst that prompted the IT team to find better ways to integrate its workforce and systems with those of Samudera Indonesia.Samudera Indonesia conducted a comprehensive review of cloud-based applications.The organization quickly determined G Suite best met its needs.All changes can be incorporated into a single Doc, Slide, or Sheet in real time.

“Drive provides a single, easily accessible location for important files.

Team members now know immediately where they are rather than potentially having to check multiple systems or locations to find them.” - Andri Wisnu Gunawan, Staff of Managing Director for IT Development, Samudera Indonesia Employees can also use Calendar to schedule appointments — including Hangouts Meet to meet with up to 15 internal or external parties using voice only or video or a combination of both — directly from devices.

They can also use G Suite apps to edit slides, spreadsheets, or documents from different locations.

Deploying G Suite has enabled Samudera Indonesia to reduce its email system and infrastructure costs by 26 percent.

“With G Suite, we’ve been able to consolidate multiple email platforms supporting 3,100 employees onto a single email platform,” explains Gunawan.These included selecting 400 employees for intensive training to act as leaders and advocates for the wider adoption of G Suite across the business.