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03-Nov-2020 12:29

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And I'm aware of that obviously it's a situational thing, but predictably, a lot of people are opposed to it. I'm just interested to see how often it's an absolute deal breaker.I saw your thread on Ask Men and was appalled by a lot of the answers, honestly.I could see guys who care too much about what others say as having a problem with it (e.g., wouldn't take you home to meet his mom or tell his friends what you do for extra cash).A lot of dudes would have a problem dating a girl that any of his buddies might be able to see naked, so my advise to you is that if you eventually do start dating, be upfront with the guy you're interested in and weed out the ones that would care (you'd likely find a better partner for you if you find someone who wouldn't care about what you do to begin with). I would be a little scared of it become a public issue. I kinda feel like this is asking, would you date a man who flips burgers at Mc Donald's?But don't sit there and vilify women you don't know the first thing about for exploiting a system that already exploits them.You know literally nothing about most camgirls and what they go through.This will get some biased answers since this is /r/sex but I still would like to hear your opinions.I'm a cam girl, it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it's a great way for me to save money to put towards school, etc.

Especially different reasons why people are very opposed to it.

In my opinion nothing is wrong with a cam girl for me even if she did private shows or such. Sure there will be a ton of guys out there not comfortable but there will also be guys that dont mind. I could separate the woman who I'm dating from the one puts on the act for a cam show.

For me, it would be a turn on as long as she had energy left for me. I think he likes the ego boost of knowing that 500 guys are wishing they were him.

I didn't mind, but eventually it was an issue for her.

Whenever we would get into an argument, it would come up and she would say things like "Oh, you feel this way probably because of what I do!" That wasn't the case, but eventually I realized she had her own issues about it.