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06-Mar-2020 04:37

I am never fond of topics related to issue, as it is supposed to be taboo.

However, in the Philippines, girls love to talk about their faith, their religion, that sometimes it is annoying.

The girls in Thailand believe in the Buddhism faith, which is evident in their culture. In fact, sex still remains as a topic considered as at Taboo.

On the other hand, while Filipino girls tend to be more conservative, because of religious and historical influences, they are tolerant of public display of affection.

On the other hand, if you want to get girls who work in bars, Filipino girls often get the advantage.

In the Philippines, these girls are often called as GROs (Guest Relations Officers).

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All in all, Thai girls and Filipino girls are similar in the way that they love being with Westerners.Touching, kissing, and showing some affection in Thailand public places is often not a good idea.While the act is not really that acceptable in public in the Philippines, but it is quite tolerated these days. However, I have been often asked which girls are preferable.

What I can say is that each group of girls belonging to each country has their own features and characteristics that make them lovable, as well as those that are quite annoying at times.

I have not seen security guards bringing weapons, which is something common in the Philippines.

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