Dating a muslim during ramadan beavis and butthead in dating

11-Oct-2019 13:04

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She became a bit apprehensive after revealing this about herself.Most likely feeling I would no longer take an interest.

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The Patriot News Muslim men pray together in the Mosque of the Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg as they worship during the month of Ramadan June 19, 2015.

She caught my eye, 20 something, gorgeous, friendly, outgoing and smart.

I began stopping by her place of business and we just hit it off.

Before dawn, people eat a meal called the , the holiest night of the year.

It commemorates the night that the Quran, the Muslim Holy Book, was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. You can express well-wishes for Ramadan by saying “Ramadan Kareem” (“Have a generous Ramadan”) or “Ramadan Mubarak” (which can translate as “Happy Ramadan).” 10.During Ramadan, Muslims worldwide fast every day from sunrise to sunset.