Dating caucasian rugs

15-Oct-2019 02:50

Rug shapes range from square or rectangular to circular or oval.

Many people place rugs under tables, dining sets or other large furniture pieces, making choosing the perfect size essential.

Most Caucasian rugs display bold geometric or simplistic botanical designs in primary, usually dim hues.

The general color palette of carpets from the Caucasus consists of toned, autumnal shades such as brown, black, crimson, ochre, forest green, with accents of navy blue and indigo appearing more sporadically.

The most unusual of Caucasian antique rugs are the rose-patterned ones, clearly created in response to Western tastes.

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We offer rugs in every size, from smaller carpet squares to huge area rugs that span the entire room.

Get creative by hanging elegant rugs on walls or layering rugs to mix and match different tones and textures.

Ultimately, rugs offer a versatile way to enhance your home's decor and give your room a finished look.

Find round, square, rectangular and elbow-shaped rugs in practically any color and pattern imaginable.

Whether you choose a stylish rug featuring graphic designs and colorful imagery or a more traditional design for a classic look, maximize your room's potential with a beautiful rug.

To ensure your rug will fit your décor perfectly, pick out a rug and furniture for your room at the same time.