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What gk2gk also excels at is its interactive features such as Mingle, a carousel of matches that asks “Would you go on a date with him/her? Say yes and you’re given more information about the person and can send them an answer to one of your questions to get to know each other even more.

Through this one-of-a-kind system, gk2gk is able to learn from its members’ on-site behaviors and create fun, offline-like interactions that ultimately lead to better connections.

Newly single and a self-proclaimed geek, Spencer was frustrated with the lack options for people like him who were into computers, crossword puzzles, comic books, and similar hobbies — and who didn’t put emphasis on appearance and social status. ” He expressed his frustrations to his daughter, Laina, who suggested he take matters into his own hands, so he did and launched gk2gk soon after.

“Looks are not important in terms of who I would be interested in,” Spencer told Chicago In 2015, Spencer passed the gk2gk baton on to Avalanche LLC, a company that builds and markets successful sites like his (its first launch being in 1997 on Valentine’s Day).

Avalanche now has over 20 mainstream and niche sites in the dating industry, with a combined 5 million registered members (2 million on gk2gk alone) in more than 100 countries and 100,000 new singles joining every month.

“We love being in the love business,” their motto says.

“‘Geek’ is a pretty broad term, so it can mean different types of people, whether they’re tech savvy or interested in science fiction or online gaming or comics.

Even though gk2gk is a niche dating site, there’s a broad range of options within that niche,” Erica said.

However, gk2gk takes it a step further by asking members to categorize themselves as a “music lover,” “sporty,” “artistic,” or several other geeky yet affectionate terms.

There’s even a section in your profile for answering more questions like “If you could do lunch with anyone, who would it be and why? ” or creating a question of your own, which are used in the matching process.

You’re also encouraged to include keywords in your profile for better matching (e.g., “Larping,” “Dungeons & Dragons,” or “Sailor Moon.” The goal is to personalize them as much as you can.

My love for the story about The Boy Who Lived has only grown deeper as the years have gone by.

I remember waiting in line with my sister at Barnes and Noble for the release of “Goblet of Fire” and going to the midnight showing of “Order of the Phoenix.” I have a lightning bolt tattoo and a Harry Potter playlist on Spotify.That’s especially true of the folks at, a dating site that encourages singles to embrace their inner geek, nerd, or dork and helps them find their perfect match — because every Han Solo needs his Leia (and vice versa).

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