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13-Apr-2020 00:40

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The challenge for hospitals is to stay a step ahead of drug diverters.Even with secure cabinets, some diverters have found ways to subvert the system by removing doses for patients who do not require a dose, but still documenting as an administered dose.However, diversion goes beyond nurses to include physicians, pharmacists and any other employee involved in handling controlled substances.No hospital is immune to drug diversion, but there are proactive steps that can help detect diversion before it becomes an issue of patient safety.One of the biggest barriers to stopping drug diversion is proper reporting tools implemented and used at the hospital.Prevention measures and proper reporting of drug diversion to authorities are critical to reducing drug diversions and protecting patients.

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To address this concern, several companies are offering compatible software programs to run data reports on ADCs to monitor medication-usage patterns.

Unfortunately for hospitals and health facilities, it is only a matter of time before drug diversion will occur.

If hospitals have a medication surveillance program, they may be able to detect diversions earlier, before patient safety is put at risk.

While ADCs effectively control access to medications, many of these systems lack the comprehensive reporting functions to identify all possible methods of drug diversion.

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Most ADCs offer some reporting functions, but accessing and running the reports is often time consuming.Early detection can allow hospitals to correct employee behavior before it becomes necessary to impact their employment.

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