Dating doormat

17-Aug-2020 04:56

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The common phrase “nice guys finish last” has made the concept of being a gentleman in the 21st century nearly obsolete.I mean, who wants to be nice just to get taken advantage of by scheming women and guys who don’t care about other people’s feelings?Maybe they said “that thing” and you didn’t speak up.Or they stayed out all night and didn’t bother to let you know– even though you live together.Either way, if you don’t do at least one, the disrespect will only escalate and make you feel crappier by the day.You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who treats you with respect.Work on your boundaries and get rid of unrealistic expectations for your partner.Your sanity and future happiness will thank you for it.

Disrespect is hard to quantify besides the fact that you feel it in your heart when it’s happening.It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, if you don’t want to, if you’re broke or you have to work, when he calls, you come, period.