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16-Sep-2019 12:56

According to Wikipedia, terms and euphemisms for old people include “old people”(worldwide usage), “seniors” (American usage), “senior citizens” (British and American usage), “older adults” (in the social sciences), “the elderly” and “elders” (in many cultures including the cultures of aboriginal people). One 90-year-old woman didn’t think old started until you were 95.

“Elderly is a slap in the face, elder not so bad,” says Dawn, a Facebook friend who objects to “old” because of age discrimination. Elder may be the lastest PC term for old, but personally I think if you want to use it, you should be an Aboriginal tribesperson – otherwise it sounds pretentious.

What woman wouldn’t use a word synonymous with Marilyn Monroe?

But in web-speak "curvaceous" quite simply means "fat".

Still, swinging is alive and well for Gen Xers taking advantage of increasingly liberal sexual mores as society shifts slowly away from the restrictive confines of absolute monogamy and towards something a little bit more flexible.

Swingers are people who 'swing' from one sexual partnership their spouse to another.

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The "stashed" partner is kept hidden from view and stashing is a classic move of the commitment-averse.Mason urges users to avoid taking blurry selfies and cautions against portrait shots featuring other people.