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The good news is that you make a physical change in your brain.Here are 18 things that will help you understand your OCD loved one: They want to “just stop,” but as hard as they try; they can’t.Unwelcome, unwanted, and distressing; these mental images don’t stop. The OCDer repeatedly performs behaviors trying to erase the scary mental images that won’t go away.These rituals might be excessive hand washing, cleaning, counting, or checking.However, there is a lot more to OCD than that.“OCD is a biochemical problem in which the brain locks and starts sending false messages that are not recognized as false,” according to Dr.

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Everyone checks the doors or stove to make sure they are locked and off before bedtime. No matter how many times they check, they don’t trust their last check-up (garage doors, toasters, hot irons).

You might have forgotten to shut the stove after answering your texts. The only comfort comes from putting your hot iron in your purse and carrying it with you to work.

Fearful of obsessive thoughts, a person with OCD will go five miles out their way to avoid a reminder that could set off obsessive thinking. Associating a past event to a word, piece of clothing or place; a person with OCD can think it has power.

They also believe that any action they take will have a positive or negative effect because of that word, item, or place.They feel anxious that they worry about things that are not worth worrying about.