Dating jealousy

08-Dec-2020 10:55

Honestly, if you're comfortable going out and talking to mutliple girls at a time, then do it.

I guarantee you these women who are online getting 50 emails a day from guys trying to get a date with them aren't exactly ignoring all of them either.

She did it for kicks at the expense of what she knew was a good potential relationship... I didn't have a problem meeting and dating (in the short-term) several women, and had no problem with them doing the same. I would have been happy for her, as well, though of course disappointed for myself. If someone else made a better match for either of us, we would have and should have gone with that other person.

One woman seemed to be ideal for me (and indeed became my long-term g/f and wife), but she wasn't ready to commit since she needed some basis for trusting her choices after a very bad relationship. Everyone else just made us each look that much better, so eventually she was able to make a good decision based on the knowledge she gained. However, once you become exclusive, the search for and dating of others stops while the relationship lasts.

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Next time you are interested in a woman and you want her all for your own, let her know before you leave town.

Everyone has their own ideas about when it's appropriate to become exclusive.