Dating someone in the secret service online dating ages 13 and up

19-Sep-2020 19:30

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A Secret Service agent can’t even send an indecent text message to a prospective date these days without his actions going public.

Our colleague Carol Leonnig, the authority on all things Secret Service, confirmed a National Enquirer report Wednesday that a junior agent met a young woman while on detail at a Michelle Obama-attended event.

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For years I used to incorporate that evening into bragging rights about the men in uniform I had hooked up with.We had attracted the attention of several men, one of whom we learned lived in Arlington. Only the cab never stopped at that corner, a fact that we failed to notice until we had pulled up to his house."C'mon girls, out. Let's sober up for a bit and I'll drive you back myself."My friends, especially the one who had a boyfriend, were hesitant. Especially at that point, when the room began spinning.Yet we were young, dumb and drunk, and the momentary promise of pizza and a clean bathroom lured us inside. I remember one friend passed out on the couch in his living room.His possible distraction at the event and the subsequent messaging has put the junior agent under the scrutiny of federal investigators. Secret Service is aware of these allegations,” USSS spokesman Brian Leary told Leonnig.

The Secret Service learned about the communication after the National Enquirer contacted the agency. “As is our policy with any allegation of misconduct, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS-OIG) has been notified and this matter will be investigated jointly between the DHS-OIG and the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility.

He approached her and, whilst protecting the first lady, got her phone number.