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Your words may be the most precious part in the love letter, but show your love and effort by going another step further.Drop a few petals of your lover’s favorite flower into the envelope, dab a bit of perfume, pick a perfect bouquet of roses and place your love letter in it, or prepare your lover’s favorite meal, and place the letter in an envelope along with the dessert.Any letter written from the heart will always be beautiful and perfect as long as it isn’t too light-hearted or casual.A love letter is a very respectful way to pour out your feelings.So be courteous and polite all through the love letter, and use the letter to convey your deepest feelings that are difficult to explain in words.Most importantly, you need to remember that a love letter is written to make your lover fall more in love with you, not hold on to their stitches and roll over, laughing. [Read: First kiss stories] The last few words of love When you’re writing a love letter, end the note by telling your lover that you’ve said everything you wanted to, for now.Don’t try to rush through the letter or try to pen every thought you have in mind at once. Stop worrying about whether the letter will be too short or too long.Just write, and use these tips to finish a perfect love letter.

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Read the introduction on how to write a love letter before you read these tips.Some of the perfect examples are ‘my dearest love’, ‘my precious husband’ or even ‘my beautiful (name)’…