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But Covey was like Ben Franklin and his contemporaries, who know about electricity, but didn't know how to use it. Proactive, I want to be more like Thomas Edison, who came along and made tools, like the electric light bulb, motors, and generators, for using electricity.Like Edison, I intend to make success, abundance, and joy available to every man, women, and child by teaching them how to "Be Proactive" and use "Proactivator Tools�." I love to speak and inspire people to "Be Proactive." If that is what you want for your employees or members of your organization, please give me a call 888-58-DR. The topic for this interview is "Being Inspired to Lead" which is a key factor to success in life and I believe is one of the most worthy aspirations of a proactive person and should be scheduled into your week.This special guest says that, "the speed at which things move and change today means that Monday mornings have often become more stressful and intense, yet, if you face the new week armed with solid strategies that inspire and motivate you, you'll have a huge advantage." If you want to feel a renewed power at the beginning of your week, rather than being overcome by a worrisome world, then I highly recommend you give your attention to this fun and fascinating expert who will tell us how.Randy had the pleasure of interviewing Bruce Rector, author of "Monday Morning Messages: Teaching, Inspiring, and Motivating to Lead." As a speaker, author, facilitator and moderator, Bruce Rector teaches, inspires and motivates people of all ages to become better business, government, community and family leaders.

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