Daytime dating rapidshare

11-Mar-2020 00:37

Ay, I don’t really got a ton of manners, all I really want to do is damage. Ay, oh they want me to roll over and do tricks for the cameras. Massachusetts where the fuck I’m from Yall know what’s to come They think that boy young and dumb Hold up please don’t jump the gun Cuz that shit pop like bubble gum “Pop” “pop” I got a couple desires I shouldn’t be fiddling with I am not single unless it is double or triple the chick. I deserve all of the pussy in the world even my mom would agree. Pull up with a hoodie all black with a fully automat with a rap in a middle of it I got em shaking and stuttering this ain’t a riddle it’s rittlon kid like that, Hit em with the curve like that Doctor Seuss my rap I’m silly with the words like that Sleep upside down like bat I’m flipping every bird like that Gifted like a holiday But I don’t owe you anything So why you sitting on my lap?

Hoodie cost me about a g Money on my head, that is not a bounty Baby what’s a consequence? I decide those, I’m the fucking referee Airplane mode, can’t get to me Check my phone, who’s texting me? If they want me dead, I don’t gotta shoot, that is what the boy Du-Karan is for. Walk up on stage, I don’t say a word, I just absorb ‘cause Hook: I deserve all of the love. Nowadays I do what the fuck I want, innocent till I’m proven wrong in court. Life is giving me road head and I’m tripping on tour. Hook: God on speed dial, devil on rebound, take a little seat now You getting kicked out the house if your ask me to freestyle Token in the building and you lucky if I let you in the treehouse God on speed dial, devil on rebound, take a little seat now Hook: I deserve all of the love.

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Matter fact, this what I say to a bitch who taking offense. Make you rich so Bridge: I’m coming home once a month, that’s the payday.

Everybody move it I’ve been this way since student, pardon my French, I’m fluent Can’t sit calm like Seinfeld, that boy always moving Every time I’m in the booth I get better, I call it a room for improvement Ay, still not in my prime but I beat on my chest like a primate At your neck like violin but I’m not violent if I got something to violate I need a mom with at least two kids, can’t be with a girl that is my age Chew gum when I tell her I love her cuz I really don’t want to know how a lie taste.