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Later, when the demons are attacking mankind, Ryo tells Akira to stay out of the war and goes on TV to expose Akira as a demon (with the home video of the nightclub scene).

Miki and her little brother gets killed by a mob, who believed them to be demons because Akira accompanied them.

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In this media, Akira's parents Reijiro Fudo and Sumiko Fudo are killed on a trip to the arctic and he lives with Miki Makimura's family.

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The war later ends with Akira being severed at the torso.

Satan regrets his actions and for having killed the one he loves afterwards, as he is seen crying over Akira.The OAV's only went for the first 2 volumes (released in Japan in November 1987 (Devilman: The Birth)and in February 1990(Devilman: Demon Bird Sirene)) and changed a few things in terms of order of events and characters.

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