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14-Dec-2019 05:27

The focus of my research is to dissect the molecular mechanisms controlling these factor’s activity with a particular interest in chromatin/epigenetic regulation.

Byrd, John The Byrd laboratory is focused on the 1) study of molecular and immune pharmacology in hematologic malignancies and 2) biology of malignant leukemia B-cell transformation.

Chamberlin, Helen Understanding the molecular processes underlying organogenesis.

Our studies highlight novel aspects of eukaryotic chromosome organization and function.

Hopper, Anita Intracellular trafficking of RNA and proteins; Nucleus organization; RNA processing. Kay The laboratory uses tissue culture, mouse models and studies of mouse and human tissues to investigate the role of genetic changes at common chromosome fragile sites in initiation or progression of cancer.

Jhiang, Sissy Protein tyrosine kinases and cancers; transgenic mice for human diseases; gene transfer of sodium/iodide symporter for radioiodine treatment in human cancers.

Johnson, Robert The Johnson laboratory uses mouse model systems to understand the molecular and genetic changes responsible for the development of pediatric brain tumors.The role of small RNA-directed epigenetic silencing in defense against DNA viruses.

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