Enterprise library modified date and time not updating

30-May-2020 18:57

enterprise library modified date and time not updating-51

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Items Date; //Create a date from the returned date/time field itm.itemsdatetime = new Date(data[i]. I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to libraries, only using one when I have use for it.Items Date); //Get a time representation of that date in milliseconds var local Time = itm.Time(); //Get the regional time offset based on the REST call to /_api/Web/Regional Settings/Time Zone //value is in minutes, must be converted to milliseconds var region Timeoffset = (SPDV. But if it makes you more efficient by all means don’t be a martyr and reinvent the wheel. Do you want to be live for all the new announcements for Share Point in 2019?

enterprise library modified date and time not updating-72

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Then I have a Share Point site collection whose regional settings are set for Eastern Time (or UTC- aka EDT).

Share Point stores all its date/time fields in UTC time.