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08-Nov-2020 19:02

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She is acted upon, so to speak, by other people who are very important.

Pullman says he thinks most objections to his books come from people who haven't read them.

In October 2009, Watkins revealed that she had secretly battled a potentially fatal brain tumor for three years.

Summer was about calling in sick on Friday because your boss took his kids to the beach a day early.

He says "The Book of Dust" centers on "the struggle between a despotic and totalitarian organization, which wants to stifle speculation and inquiry, and those who believe thought and speech should be free." Global events make that a more pressing and urgent struggle than ever.

Pullman says he doesn't try to draw overt parallels with the real world, but "they are always present in my mind." "Why do we vote into power people who seem to have the interests of themselves and other large, powerful people in mind rather than ours?"His Dark Materials" took its title form John Milton's biblical epic poem "Paradise Lost," and Pullman's saga has a searching spirituality running alongside its mistrust of organized religion.

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