Funny comic strips about dating

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With the return of GIs from overseas at the end of World War II and the increase in adult comics readership during the post-war years, teen humor comics would be challenged in the late 1940s and early 1950s by horror comics, romance comics, and other comics genres tinged with extreme violence and titillating sexual images and situations.

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The title was an unsuccessful combination of the teen humor and funny animal genres.

Despite an invitation to "meet some real hepcats" and the work of Dan Gordon and Milt Gross, the title folded after seven issues.

Funny animal (also talking animal) is also the genre of comics and animated cartoons which primarily feature funny animals.

While many funny animal stories are light-hearted and humorous, with the funny animal characters often acting in a comedic and sometimes childish way, the genre is not exclusively comedic.

The creation of Harry Sahle, Candy was sweet and wholesome but liberated; she used slang, adored boys, and collected jitterbug platters – much to the annoyance of her parents.

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Other characters acknowledge that Goofy is a dog, but he is still treated as a human.Cookie tales were full of slapstick, violent pratfalls, low-brow jokes, and gags involving unusual props.

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