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date 1909-1952 and reflect the auditor's oversight of the financial aspects of the construction of the causeway between Galveston island and the mainland, including subsequent renovations and improvements.

These records consist of bond registers; bids, proposals, and contracts; claims for payment; correspondence and information files; and ledgers and a journal of causeway construction expenses.

Records include financial ledgers and journals; county officer finance ledgers; claims, expenditure, and payment files; registers of payment warrants and jury certificates; registers of fines, jury fees, and other collections by Galveston County courts; budget and taxation files; registers of road and bridge fund budgets; registers of delinquent personal property taxpayers; bid and contract files; contract ledgers; records of bid proposals; bond files; registers of various bond issues; correspondence and information registers and files; drainage district financial records; common school district ledgers, journals, and bond registers; and records relating to the construction of the Galveston seawall, construction of the causeway between the mainland and Galveston Island, and construction of the seawall and levee at Texas City. In 1917, the legislature gave the district judges of the county sole authority to appoint the auditor (Acts 1917, 35th Legislature, Regular Session, Ch. He prepared estimates of revenues and expenditures annually to enable the commissioners court to prepare the county budget. These records include the auditor's bid and contract files, contract ledgers, registers recording proposals submitted, and a ledger of forms with bid specifications.

The records date 1893-1960 and undated, with the bulk dating from 1905 to 1960. Initially, the auditor was appointed jointly by the judges of the county and district courts (Acts 1905, 29th Legislature, Regular Session, Ch. The auditor's duties included keeping a general set of books showing county financial transactions; reviewing and auditing the financial accounts of all county officers; reviewing and auditing books and records related to expenditures by the county; reviewing claims for payment; recording payment warrants issued by judges or the county treasurer; monitoring the county budget; reviewing the records of the county treasurer and county tax assessor-collector; recording bid specifications, proposals issued, and contracts awarded; and oversight of bonds issued by the county. date 1893-1959 and undated, bulk 1905-1959, and reflect bonds issued for various purposes by Galveston County.

To ensure quicker and more efficient evacuation of the island in the event of another catastrophic hurricane a causeway was built between 19 connecting the island and the mainland by road for the first time.

The Texas legislature authorized the project and gave Galveston County authority to issue bonds to pay for it.

To accomplish his duties, the county auditor had access to all books, accounts, reports, vouchers, and other records of county officers (Acts 1905, 29th Legislature, Regular Session, Ch. date 1909-1950 and relate to the auditor's financial oversight of the three Galveston County drainage districts.

576.005 and 595.001 or the Texas Human Resources Code, Sec.

In addition, he was directed to examine all books and records relating to the finances of the common school districts (Acts 1917, 35th Legislature, Regular Session, Ch. In his financial oversight role, the county auditor was involved in each of these projects.

In 1917, the legislature assigned to the county auditor the responsibility for maintaining a ledger showing an accurate account of all funds received and disbursed by the common school districts in the county and a bond register showing all school bonds issued by the county's districts. To provide protection for citizens on the mainland side of Galveston Bay, a seawall and levee, known as the Texas City dike, was built in the 1930s.

These records include financial ledgers and journals created and maintained by the auditor showing the financial transactions of the districts; registers of bonds issued by thirteen of the county's common school districts; and redeemed schoolhouse bonds.

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Records relating to special projects undertaken by Galveston County have been intellectually arranged into three series.

Although Galveston County was established by the Congress of the Republic of Texas in 1838, the office of county auditor was not established until 1905 when the Texas legislature mandated counties with populations exceeding 40,000, or with at least one city with a population of 25,000 or more, appoint an auditor of accounts and finances (Acts 1905, 29th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, Ch. The auditor compiled and maintained a set of books for Galveston County's three drainage districts. These records include the auditor's bond files; and registers of courthouse and jail bonds, Santa Fe Railroad refunding bonds, scrip bonds, bridge bonds, road bonds, inter-coastal canal bonds, hospital bonds, voting machine refunding bonds, and permanent improvement refunding bonds.

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