He is very busy dating

25-May-2020 18:24

It is important in the beginning of a relationship that you two have alone time to learn about each other.

However, if he isn’t asking questions about your family and friends, then this isn’t a good sign – he’s not looking for something long-term.

If your guy isn’t making a point to call enough, then perhaps he’s not very interested and with this point, you may have figured out the answer to “Why he’s too busy for me”.

Don’t start with the excuses now, like “Well that’s just the way he is,” or “He’s just a flaky guy.” If he continues to be late or ditch plans that you made because something comes up all of sudden, then he’s showing you he doesn’t care as much as you deserve.

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After a few months perhaps, you realize you don’t know exactly where he stands.Guys have long reported that when they are really into a girl, they want to hear her voice.

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