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29-May-2020 05:30

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And if she ends up saying ‘no’ you need to be mature enough not to throw a tantrum, not to plead, not to demand, and just accept that for her its not right.

How you react lets her know your intentions and how mature you are.

Last year a college friend of mine came out as a transgender woman.

They have been asking for this for some time, but now more men than ever are listening. If you act like a boy then you can still pick up girls the old way. You can no longer get away with pure charm, dramatic storytelling and boldly approaching a good-looking woman with a pick up line or two. Instead you will need to be more self aware – that means knowing yourself well, and honestly expressing who you are.

But be respectful, you are strangers, and she has a right to not want to talk to you, so don’t be crass – don’t go straight into how you would like to have sex with her, and do not use a pick up line.