Horse rider dating

24-Sep-2019 17:58

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Remember that freaky child who cantered around the playground pretending to be a wild mustang? Whether she actually rode horses or simply daydreamed about them while gobbling up books, the classic Horse Girl is colored by obsession.

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Jessie Lochrie, a rider and a manager at Manhattan Saddlery, owns a slick pair of black zippered Parlanti paddock boots specifically dedicated to streetwear — she says she refuses to wear them inside a barn.“I still wear them out to do non-horsey things.” At the other end of the style spectrum, there’s Western, iconic for its cowboy boots and Stetson hats.Megan in Atlanta rides Western under the Natural Horsemanship style (think Robert Redford in ) and describes her riding wear as “very workaday.” She has a pair of classic Durango cowboy boots that she wears both in and out of the barn.Or that girl in sixth grade who doodled magnificent steeds in looseleaf margins inside this binder? (And she gets a lot of shit for that.) I haven’t been around horses since teenagerhood, but a few relics remain, most notably a pair of simple black boots.

My jod boots haven’t seen a saddle in over a decade, but I wear them regularly.

Ali De Gray, an avid and lifelong equestrian who’s competed in numerous styles including saddleseat and harness, once bought hunt seat boots at a horse show simply because she liked the way they looked.

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