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Otherwise, their blood sugar can become very low, or abnormally high. This isn't to say that you will need to stay in rehab for the rest of your life. However, you will need to get some form of treatment for quite some time. After that, you may be able to step down into an intensive outpatient treatment program.Eventually, you may only need therapy and Narcotics Anonymous.When you take this quiz, be sure to answer every question honestly.At the end, you can find out your results right away.This is critical, and most addicts don't know how to cope without substances.Also, real healing is able to take place through professional treatment.Four years later she's on top of the world as the top female artist - ever. Similarly, celebrities often look good on the outside while violent storms are occurring deep within their mind.And then somewhere along the line around marrying Bobby Brown and her role in The Bodyguard or additional movies, she starts using cocaine. They can't cope with life - one of the major characteristics of those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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Or was it simply that the field of drug addiction science hadn't yet made enough technological advancements so that she could have kicked the habit?

You may prefer to take a closer look at some of the more common signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction.

These can include: You may also find that you get frequent nosebleeds if you're used to snorting cocaine.

By age 20 all her hard work practicing singer and excellent role models in the singing world in her family was starting to pay off. Did they not have qualified addiction treatment counselors?

An agent heard her singing in a nightclub and offered her a contract that very night. Many people believe that the more expensive a drug detox or rehab or alcohol detox is, the better it is. The high ticket price may be more for beach resorts or luxurious resorts that look good on the outside but fail at providing top-of-the-line staff in the way of medical doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, natural foods chefs and addiction treatment counselors in the inpatient treatment.

Negative press about it may have also magnified negative coping strategies she had and she ended up in a drug detox once again.

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