How to handle rejection in dating

15-Mar-2020 21:23

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Remember, loving your partner and being unable to function without their emotional support are not the same thing at all. In fact once you’ve been able to overcome your emotional “needy-ness”, your relationship will improve greatly as your partner finds fresh reasons to fall back in love with the new you.

Next time you face rejection (and trust me, there will be a next time, ‘cause that’s how life is) try to apply these techniques and you’ll find you’ll be way better off in handling it– channeling it constructively even– if you can do it right.

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Or when your application for inclusion in that sports team was rejected?Or more recently, when that job application didn’t work out? Nathan De Wall, Ph D of the University of Kentucky, the need to belong or the need to have strong and fulfilling relationships is as fundamental to human nature as is the need for food and water.