Insufficient key column information for updating and refreshing

17-Oct-2020 18:02

It is blowing up on the subsequent loading a lookup combo box. It doesn't care where you put the are asking for a copy of the data, what you do with it has NOTHING to do with ADO. I have no problem using it because it isn't useing a default propertyrs. Then try to change or delete one of these rows directly using Enterprise Manager Open table view. I have not even tried a collection outside of the Beginners book example. Interestingly enough it is not blowing up on the load of "Needs"/"Elig" tables. Move Next Loopshould look like this Do Until ado Rec. ADO doesn't care about anything to do with a key here. Value But since you remove 1 level of resolving you get a speed increase. Too many rows were affected by the update."This occurs if you have a table with no unique index constraints and have duplicate rows. I am a novice and you guys left me in the dust a looooong time ago.

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No, that's not what I meant.(I guess I wasn't feeling too good yesterday and didn't explain thouroughly or correctly. The text to the msg is: Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing What the heck is going on? I hope you were able to follow that Thank much Trudye I'm really clueless on what is happing to you. DON'T use default properties My second suggestion DON'T use the BANG notation Do Until ado Rec. DON'T use default properties Hey Semper Fi Down Unda, I know this is a little off subject, but what do you feel about using the shorter Collect property instead of the longer, slower Fields(0). A test I did with 10 million rows run on multiple systems has shown that using the Bang notation is just as slow as rs. I have a problem in most cases with default properties because it can be more confusing when you jump into an exsisting project trying to figure out if they are wanting to use a default property when doing a set or the actual object itself. I checked both tables and neither one had duplicate entries. Which works find if I remove the "Needs"/"Elig" load. Add Item method of the combo box takes up to 2 parameters.1st being a string to display in the combo box2nd being optional is the index where to insert this in the list As far as ADO goes you have a recordset....are pointing to a current record. Are you leaving out some databound issues some where? I have to admit I break down on that and use the default. Microsoft do teach in the MOC that the BANG is faster but it is a lye. Collect("Last Name") can only refer to 1 thingwhere using rs. Son Of Emidec1100’s observation was right-on, that is what I read in MS Knowledgebase.I use access database and in my table I avoided using autoinc field.

It seems that refreshing the table can be only used on such fields. I tried indexing a field (Indexed=Yes // Duplicates=OK) I still get the mentioned error.

An additional problem is that sometimes the new records simply disappear with no error message.

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