International dating format

30-Nov-2020 08:07

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Then press Enter key, and select cell B1, drag the fill handle across to the range that you want to use, and you will get a new column date formats.

See screenshot: As they are formulas, you need to copy and paste them as values. In the Apply Date Formatting dialog box, choose the proper date format you need. See screenshot: Now all selected dates are changed to the date format you specified. Select the range with dates you need to convert to dd/mm/yyyy date format, then click Kutools Convert to Date. Then the selected dates are converted to mm/dd/yyyy date format immediately, in the meanwhile a Convert to Date dialog box pops up and lists all conversion status of the selected dates. See screenshot: Note: For the cells you don't need to convert, please select these cells in the dialog box with holding the Ctrl key, and then click the Recover button. If you want to have a free trial of this utility, please go to download the software freely first, and then go to apply the operation according above steps.

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or others you need to convert to mm/dd/yyyy format, you can try the Convert to Date utility of Kutools for Excel. Office Tab brings the tabbed interface as seen in web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer new versions and Firefox to Microsoft Excel.

\# "$,0.00;($,0.00);'-'" for currency, with brackets around negative numbers and a hyphen for 0 values Besides, sometimes the number may be percentage, you may need to edit the field so that you get .

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Maybe you are a staff of a multinational corporation in America, and you may receive some spreadsheets from China or other countries, you find there are some date formats that you are not accustomed to using it. Today, I will introduce you some ways to solve it by changing other date formats to American date formats in Excel.

Change date formats with the Format Cells feature Change date formats with formula Quickly apply any date formats with Kutools for Excel One click to convert yyyy format or other date format to mm/dd/yyyy with Kutools for Excel With this Format Cells function, you can quickly change other date formats to America date format. Select the range you want to change date format, then right-click and choose Format Cells from the context menu. In the Format Cells dialog box: , in this case in cell B1, see screenshot: 2.

You may be familiar to view multiple webpages in Firefox/Chrome/IE, and switch between them by clicking corresponding tabs easily.