Intimidating a guy

04-Nov-2020 03:18

It's really not worth worrying about because you'll look foolish if you're a fake bad guy (ie even if it was better don't strive for it.) You have to live that life starting as a teen.If it was a matter of a few tattoos then there wouldn't be so many tatted up obvious cucks homos and bitch boys. When I first got into the game, I wanted to be that social butterfly or social chameleon who has a lot friends and can get hot girls. Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .Study has shown that intimidation in sports is what gives most teams victory not necessarily that they are better than the other team.(2~4 years ago) However, as I got older and realized that it's not for everybody, I adapted my own style of game of being aloof, nonchalant, blasé and little bit intimidating. A MAN is someone who is confident and has his shit together, financially and emotionally.(More recently last year and half) It's like people are saying that they want to be entrepreneurs because that's how you get money and it's "cool" when they don't even think outside of think outside of the box, don't have thick skin, not interested in business and don't have the stubbornness of going from rejection after rejections. Have your own style of game or way of interacting with other people that you feel congruent in and is effective to your life. That being said I've had more success at fun guy game. I've had girls also see me as an outlaw type or the mysterious guy. Real fame game is not realistic for 99.999% of guys. Thus, your two options are only superficial descriptions of the core underneath.This is the guy women can't figure out and who kills it in the long term. REAL Dangerous works out well, but most women also want controlled dangerous: someone who can take care of shit and who can fuck the shit out of them without actually treating them like shit (fucked up chicks aside).

https:// My opinion is that the stress relief of laughter has some similarities to sex.This type of speculation doesn't serve much purpose in real life. Sure Kevin Hart gets laid, but I seriously doubt he can get laid like a gangsta rapper does. Ted Bundy looked like a choir boy, but once he got sent to prison for rape and murder.... Gangster Rappers are very popular because they mix this with financial affluence. I will tell you that the most intimidating scary men I know are in the US Army.The "archetype most women are attracted to" has elements of both. I will tell you that the most intimidating scary men I know are in the US Army. If you try to dress like a biker or get tattoos to look tough, then you just end up looking like these guys: You can't fake it.Real fame game is not realistic for 99.999% of guys. There are different levels to this sh*t and there's no reason why guys shouldn't be enjoying the entry-levels of fame lol.

I have no clue why people keep posting hypothetical about X actor. This question is poorly constructed because the options cancel one another. Most likely those are profiles you develop over long periods of time and hundreds or thousands of choices.

Listening to music also has connections to sex, which is why being a musician is a bonus. In western developed countries where girls (and people in general) feel safe 99% of the time, can walk around alone at night and have all of their basic needs met, the fun guy will do better on average.