Intimidating persona

08-Jun-2020 17:46

That’s an extreme case, but for most people a little physical warmup can help.Get your facial muscles moving a few minutes before you have to get up and talk.You pause to search for just the right word, the perfect way to position your point.

But when you have a difficult message to communicate, you might struggle to be precise.

Knowing exactly who I am and, though I am very quick to apologize for my wrongs, I will NEVER apologize for who I am.*Intelligence: Those who attempt to come to the battle of wits half-armed or unarmed are often quick to regret initiating conflict.*Self-Esteem: And by this, I mean genuinely valuing myself as an individual, as a human being.

When you value yourself, you disallow others from devaluing you, and for the narcissistic, that is powerfully intimidating.*Physical Attractiveness/ Beauty: It is human nature to judge a book by it’s cover and within seventeen seconds of meeting someone for the first time, our subconscious mind has formulated its initial impression.

But while you may not go out of your way to intimidate, some of the habits and techniques you’ve picked up might be creating a harsher impression than you realize.

In fact, a few of the common tips for speakers, including how to come across as more “authoritative” and “powerful,” can actually backfire. It’s pretty easy to appear colder and more stern than you intend to.He was intimidating because he was totally hidden behind a blank expression.

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