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However, one may argue that Item Added/Item Update events are similar like Content Approval events. maybe there’s complexities with the new content approval events and Share Point team has not added the new content approval events.

So when user add/edit an item and as part of the add/edit if approval status field get updated then which events to fire? So consider now the problem we’re going to talk about.

Taxonomy”) -eq $null) $snapin = Get-PSSnapin | Where-Object if ($snapin -eq $null) #endregion Start-SPAssignment -Global $web = Get-SPWeb $Web Url -EA 1 $list = $web.

In Share Point 2010 new improvements are made for better event receiving management.

We need a notification system where we need to send notification to the approver or user (who is waiting for approval) on approval status change.

We’ll develop a list item event receiver for Item Added and Item Updated events.

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The workflow itself is not important here, the main point is that the data submitted is different but the workflow should be common.But unfortunately, Share Point list/library doesn’t have events like Content Approved, Content Rejected, Content Requested For Review so that user can tap the events to do their own work on content approval status changes.

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