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and let's see if we can provoke them with the ironies you missed...1. Erections in such films that treat sex seriously not as porn are becoming common, and even in soft core you are getting more male full frontal nudity and some erections.For anyone that cares about the show (obviously not r46 - I'm sorry for you that you had to do a search - nobody should ever have to search a topic they don't have any interest in), we do have an ongoing thread about it. Maybe there is a trend but I certainly don't find such things nessesary, or wanted, in storytelling.You have to wonder what they consumed to make their brain shrink. Most of the guys are usually fug, especially the porn actors. Those are the first things I looked out when I looked at men to have a relationship with, I am long partnered so I am not looking.Since when do "devout Christians" perform semi-erect simulated sex scenes on tacky cable channel soap operas? Those are the physical characteristics I would look for in finding an actor etc attractive, not just a cock.R43, before you start giving people shit for thinking Jackson is "anonymous," understand that LOGO gets so little viewership that they don't even have enough money to pay Nielsen to *gauge* it, and that at best their original shows are seen by a couple hundred thousand people here.In TV terms, and in a country of over 300 million people, that's about as long to anonymous as it gets.2) "I'm disappointed Logo moved DTLA to 12am EST Saturday.Jeremy Jackson rose to fame on playing David Hasselhoff‘s mischievous yet lovable on-screen son Hobie Buchannon on the hit series One day, Jackson suddenly quit the series due to his egos.

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An insider tells the publication that "It's been going on for several months now," and that Jackson and Smith plan to see more of one another when the ), "Things have changed a little bit since last time I was single.

In August 2015, Jackson got arrested yet again for another alleged stabbing: A woman claimed that Jeremy stabbed her in the back, arm, and leg after they got into an argument about her boyfriend’s car.