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19-Oct-2019 04:48

First, the company should repeat all the disclosures it stated throughout the purchase flow.

But checkout can’t be the first time the consumer sees these disclosures—it must have made them previously throughout the buying process.

Companies can sell their product or service consistently over a period of time, while the customer doesn’t have to be hassled with repurchasing the product or service every month or year.

My daughter has a guinea pig, and we have set our Amazon account to send us her preferred guinea pig food each month, for which we get automatically charged the same amount each month. Similarly, we subscribe to Netflix, and we pay a fee that is automatically charged to our credit card each month.

Companies must make specific disclosures at specific points throughout the purchase, confirmation and renewal process.

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Finally, at the end of the purchase flow, the company should provide a confirmation screen with the details of the transaction and cancellation instructions and an email with the same information.For many companies, these details can be confusing and easily overlooked.

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